💥NEW AS OF SPRING 2019 EVERY SELLER who plans to pick up unsold items must leave a PLASTIC BIN (without the lid), LABELED WITH SELLER NAME, SELLER NUMBER & SELLER PHONE NUMBER. This is both convenient for you to take your things home in, and important for our sort process at the end of the sale! Boxes or bags will not work for this process. Those who do not bring a bin will be charged $5 (this will be deducted from your final payment).

IF YOU ARE DONATING ALL OF YOUR ITEMS you do NOT need to bring a plastic bin.

💥DON’T MISS OUT!!!! Every seller will have the opportunity to register for the next Later Gator sale when you drop off your items at the current sale! You will receive a DISCOUNTED RATE — but ONLY if you sign up during the Seller Drop Off!!!

WHAT WOULD CAUSE MY ITEMS NOT TO BE PLACED ON THE SELLING FLOOR AFTER INSPECTION?  Items that did not meet our quality standards. (We call these items our "No Thank You Items")  OR Items from our Unaccepted Item list were found in your sale items.

WHAT ARE "NO THANK YOU" ITEMS?  Click here to see info about this on our “Prepping & Tagging” page.


💥OPTION ONE: EXPRESS DROP OFF: Please note that Express Drop Off is NOT available to 1st time sellers.

HOW DOES EXPRESS DROP OFF WORK?  You will pull into the designated drop off area.  One of our check in volunteers will direct you when you arrive.  Once your items have been unloaded and you’ve signed your Seller Check-In form, you are free to go!   Anything found during Quality Control Inspections during Express drop offs that does not meet Later Gator’s Sale Standards* will be donated prior to the sale.

WHEN IS EXPRESS DROP OFF?  You may use Express Drop Off anytime on Tuesday, September 17 between NOON - 8:00 PM OR Wednesday, September 18 between 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

DO I NEED SCHEDULE A SPECIFIC EXPRESS TIME?  You do NOT need to specify a time, you only need to let us know you are doing Express Drop Off by signing up!  Please log into your seller account, find the "drop off scheduling" and sign up under the Express Drop off spot. 

CAN I GET MY "NO THANK YOU” ITEMS BACK?   "No Thank You" items from Express will be donated. 

DO ALL OF MY ITEMS NEED TO BE DESIGNATED “FOR DONATION” IN ORDER TO USE EXPRESS DROP OFF?  No.  Only the items we find that do not meet sale standards will be donated.  

WILL I KNOW WHAT ITEMS WENT TO DONATION AFTER INSPECTION?  You will receive a list of these items at the end of the sale during unsold item pickup. The "No Thank You" items  will appear in your “unsold items” list online.


WHEN ARE DROP OFF TIMES?  Scheduled drop off times are Tuesday, September 17 between 4:00 PM - 9:00 PM OR Wednesday, September 18 between 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM

HOW DO I SIGN UP FOR A DROP OFF TIME?  Sign ups will take place in the same system you will use for entering your price tags. Drop Off schedules will be posted closer to the sale…we’ll let you know when this opens up!!!

WHAT HAPPENS DURING MY DROP OFF TIME?   You will pull into the designated drop off area. One of our check in volunteers will direct you when you arrive.  Our quality control volunteers will make sure all items meet our quality guidelines. Items that do not meet our quality guidelines will be returned to you.  Appropriate fees will be assessed for “No Thank You” items.

HOW LONG WILL MY DROP OFF TAKE?  This will depend on how many items you have!  You should plan on about an hour.

CAN I BRING MY CHILDREN WITH ME FOR MY DROP OFF APPOINTMENT?  We (Later Gator owners) are busy mamas with kids ourselves, so we understand that it can be a challenge to get away from the kids!  Your check-in time will be busy with not only you but other sellers dropping off. You will find your drop off to be easier without children.  We do understand if you need to bring the kiddos with you, they will need to stay next to you at ALL times. 

WHAT IF I AM LATE OR MISS MY APPOINTMENT?  Out of fairness to others with scheduled times, it is very important that you arrive on time to your drop off appointment.  Late arrivals may be asked to come back during another open time slot or be treated as an Express Drop Off, with the "No Thank You" items being donated. 


SELLER PICK UP PROCEDURES  As soon as our sale ends, our volunteers will pull unsold items from the selling floor & sort them for you. You should bring empty totes/tubs for your unsold items—-don’t forget that we will have the tub you left at drop off.

PLEASE do not enter the exhibit hall prior to 7:00 PM! We are not able to accommodate early arrivals!!!!

You will park in LOT E at the Event Center & enter through the loading bay door. DO NOT pull your vehicle into the loading bay when you arrive.

You will find the table with your labeled bin (left at drop off!!). You will find your unsold items on this table, along with your “Seller Drop off & Pick Up” form. Follow directions on the form!

Prior to leaving with your items, you MUST have one of our volunteers check through all of your items with you at your table. You will not be able to leave until this is done and you have a signed sheet for our exit person.

If you are unable to carry items to your vehicle in one or two trips, you will receive a “Loading Bay” pass from one of our sale workers. This will allow you to pull your vehicle directly into the loading bay. The door attendant will not allow vehicles in the loading bay without a pass from Later Gator!

💥IMPORTANT!!! Before you head home, you will be able to take hangers that were pulled during the sale to use at our next sale event! 

DID YOU MARK ALL OF YOUR ITEMS FOR DONATION?  No need to return for pick up! 


  1. We are unable to store your items after the sale - if you are unable to pick up during the designated times, you may have a friend or family member pick up on your behalf.

  2. Any items not picked up during the designated pick up time will be donated to our charity, The Arc of Bismarck & any other charity selected by Later Gator Sales.

  3. Later Gator will not be responsible for missing or damaged items. (See your seller agreement)

  4. Sorry, with the magnitude of our sale, we can't make any exceptions.