πŸ’₯ITEM LIMITS:  Each seller will be limited to an overall total of 500 items in their inventory.  Of those 500 items, 150* may be 0-18 month sized items. *updated 01/09/2019

ITEM LIMITS ON 0-18 MONTH ITEMS: Does this mean I can only bring 150 onesies?  No!  You can bundle and make outfits!  You can sell several onesies at one time by rolling them & placing into zip lock bags or securing multiple hangers together and entering items on those hangers into the system as one item.  A onesie & pants sold together will count as ONE item.  

πŸ’₯The following Non-Kid related items WILL be accepted

  • Women’s purses/handbags (no fake designer purses); ThirtyOne (or similar style) totes/bags

  • Appliances: New in package only

  • Home Decor: Modern & current trends only

WHAT KINDS OF THINGS DO WE TAKE? ● Every day items ● Holiday outfits ● Swimwear ● School uniform items ● Baptism Outfits ● First Communion Outfits ● Dancewear ● Jackets/coats ● Dress-up/Halloween costumes ● Winter gear ● Hair accessories ● Children’s underwear NEW in unopened packages only

CLOTHING NOTE:  We DO accept clothing with local school names (elementary & high school); Clothing with college names/logos; (excluding items with advertising from local businesses or items that advertise specific events).

CLOTHING SIZES  ● BOYS: Newborn - Children’s size 20   ● GIRLS: Newborn - Children's sizes 16/18.  β— All tags must be marked with the numerical size. See chart!!  Please DO NOT use XS, Small, Medium, Large, XL, etc. 

sizing chart 4 copy.png


SHOES Infant, children's and youth sizes (up to 6Y) are accepted ● Boots ● Bison Booties/Crib shoes ● Rain boots ● Snow boots ● Cowboy/girl boots ● Specialty Sports Shoes (dance, baseball, football, soccer, etc.) ● Ice Skates

TOYS/GAMES/PUZZLES β— Stuffed animals that move, talk, walk, sing -- for example Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Puppy, Leap Frog Scout, etc. ● Toy sets/games/puzzles that include all pieces

OUTDOOR PLAY ITEMS  β— Wagons ● Tricycles ● Children’s bicycles ● Bike trailers ● Child seats for bikes ● Scooters ● Battery operated ride-on toys (must include charger) ● Water/sand tables ● Small toddler sized pools ● Child sized picnic tables  

KIDS FURNITURE & ACCESSORIES  ● Rocking chairs ● Changing tables ● Cribs* (No mattresses) ●Gliders/Ottoman ●Bookshelves ● Cube Organizers ● Baby/Kids’ themed lamps ● Crib sheets ● Blankets ● Nursery themed wall hangings ● Pack n Plays ● Toy boxes ● Child sized table/chair sets ● Child sized furniture (recliners, child sized couches, etc.)

*NOTE:  We will only accept cribs manufactured AFTER June 28, 2011 and as long as they are not on any recall lists.  You may check the following websites for more information   OR  It is the responsibility of the seller to make sure your items are not on a recall list!  It is illegal to sell items that have been recalled.

*Sellers with cribs will sign a β€œCrib Waiver” at check-in acknowledging that the crib is not on a recall list and meets guidelines as described above.

TODDLER BEDS/BUNK BEDS & BEDDING ● Toddler bed rails ● Toddler beds/bunk beds (Note: NO mattresses) ● Themed juvenile bedding (Disney, Dora, Sesame Street, etc. -- full size or smaller) ● Breathable Mesh Bumpers ● Crib Sheets ● Sleeping bags with child oriented themes (Disney, Dora, Sesame Street, etc.) ● Maternity body pillows

INFANT ACCESSORIES  ● Diaper bags ● Strollers ● Play yards ● Baby monitors ● Nursing accessories: NEW IN PACKAGE breast pump tubing/phalanges/supplies, nursing pads, milk storage bags ● Bouncy seats ● Activity gym ● Baby carriers (Moby, baby slings, etc.) ● Infant bath tubs ●Safety equipment (outlet covers, doorknob covers, etc.) ● Baby monitors ● Feeding accessories (Baby Bullet, Baby Brezza, spoons, bowls, etc.) β— Bumbo Seats (MUST HAVE SAFETY STRAPS) ● Boppy Pillows ● NEW IN PACKAGE pacifiers, teething rings, & bottle nipples ● Bottles

BOOKS/MOVIES/VIDEO GAMES β— Books related to pregnancy & parenting topics ● Board Books ● Books with sound ● Home School Curriculum ● Family friendly DVD/VHS (G or PG only) ● Video Games (rated for children 10 & under) ● Game systems & games ● Handheld kids electronics & accessories ● Tablets designed for kids

SPORTS EQUIPMENT ●Dancewear ● Dance shoes ● Youth ball gloves other ball gear ● Youth ice skates ● Youth hockey equipment ● Youth football gear ● Roller blades/padding  β— Bike helmets (brand new with original packaging only)

MATERNITY ITEMS ● Maternity body pillows ● Belly Bands & other maternity support items (we do NOT accept maternity clothing)


  • Items that have been recalled.  Please click here to check recall lists.  

  • Cribs manufactured prior to June 28, 2011  CLICK HERE For Crib Standard Questions & Answers

  • NO Women’s clothing/shoes/jewelry

  • Mattresses of any kind

  • Crib bedding sets; crib bumpers

  • Car seats (including those included with travel systems), booster seats and convertible car seats.

  • Porcelain/display type dolls;  Stuffed Animals (Battery operated characters WILL be allowed)

  • Maternity Clothing

  • Breast Pumps

  • Food Items/Formula, even if unopened.

  • Clothing/items depicting local businesses or any type of advertising (example: shirts from events with multiple business sponsors listed, t-shirts from races, or date specific events)

  • Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library books.

πŸ’₯NEW SPRING 2019 The following Non-Kid related items are no longer accepted:

  • Women’s Clothing (including adult LuLaRoe); Shoes; Maternity

  • Women’s Jewelry

  • Kitchen Dishware/Glasses/Mugs

  • Makeup/Lotions/Body Wash

  • Furniture (other than nursery/kid room furniture)


● Items not meeting our quality & safety guidelines will not go on the selling floor & will be returned to the seller.

● Items without proper price tags will not go on the selling floor & will be returned.

● If an unaccepted item makes it onto the selling floor after check-in, we reserve the right to remove it from the sale.  These will be returned to you at the end of the sale if you are picking up your unsold items.