Already registered for our FALL SALE? Use this link to go to your Consignor Home Page to enter your inventory & check sales during our event!

Already registered for our FALL SALE? Use this link to go to your Consignor Home Page to enter your inventory & check sales during our event!

Sellers who price/prep their own items will pay a $15 registration fee. Women's Sale by Later Gator Kids Consignment Sales will offer all sellers tagging their own items 60% of the selling price on their sold items.  Selling prices are determined by the seller. 

Sellers can receive up to 75% on their sold items by volunteering with the sale.  Learn more on our Volunteering page.

💥Women's Sale Sellers may bring 50 hanging items (this includes Maternity clothing) & 10 pairs of shoes.  There is no limit to the amount of Purses/Accessories/Home Decor/Home furnishings you may bring.  However, there is an overall cap of 500 items total allowed per seller account.

WHAT IS INCLUDED IN 50 HANGING ITEMS?  If you are selling items as a set, for example a jacket, top and pants as one set, that will count as ONE item as long as you have that listed on one price tag in our online tagging system.

WHAT IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE 50 HANGING ITEM LIMIT? LuLaRoe, Winter Coats, Swimwear, Bras, Scarves/Accessories

If you need more than the item limit, contact us for additional inventory space for your account.


Sellers will receive payment for their sold items within 2 weeks of our sales event (we do our best to get them out sooner than the end of the 2 week time period).  Earnings will be automatically deposited into your PayPal account.  Later Gator Sales will cover the PayPal fees so there will be no additional cost to you to use PayPal.  From PayPal, you can have your earnings transferred to your bank  (no fee), ATM, credit card & more.  You can learn more about these and more options from PayPal.   

THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO MAKE SURE YOU DO IS to make sure the email you provide to PayPal AND to Later Gator are the same ones!!  OR make sure the email you've given to Later Gator is linked to your PayPal account as you can have multiple emails associated with your PayPal account.  PayPal's customer service number is 888-221-1161 if you have any questions about your account or getting one set up, they can help you through the process.

Once we submit the funds via PayPal, you will receive an email from PayPal that says, "You have money!"  If you do not have a PayPal account, they will send you instructions on creating an account.  It's that simple!!

WHAT IF I DON'T WANT TO CREATE A PAYPAL ACCOUNT?                                                                                         If you choose not to create a PayPal account & accept the funds via PayPal, PayPal will return your funds to Later Gator 30 days after we send your initial payment.   We will issue a check within 5 business days after the funds are returned to Later Gator from PayPal.  There will be a $3.00 processing fee deducted from your earnings to cover the extra processing fees on our end.                            

WHAT IF MY EMAIL WITH LATER GATOR IS DIFFERENT THAN THE ONE I USE FOR PAYPAL?                         Think of your email address as your "account number" and the funds coming from us are coming via "direct deposit".   You may change your email address with Later Gator by logging into your Later Gator sure you do this BEFORE our system for tagging closes before the sale.  Once we close the system for tagging, that data is uploaded to our Point Of Sale system & we are unable to make any changes to your contact information at that time.  That is the information that will be used to send your funds following the sale.   You can also make changes to your PayPal account by either changing your email address with PayPal to match the one you have provided to Later Gator OR link that email to your PayPal account.   If you have not used your PayPal account recently, you may want to contact PayPal's customer service number (above) and make sure you are in good standing with PayPal so your account is ready to receive funds from us.  

Several reasons! 

  1. You will receive your earnings more quickly than waiting for a paper check from us.

  2. It is a more secure method of sending/receiving payments than a check through the mail.

  3. It is more efficient for us & for you.

Any PayPal questions?  Visit or call their customer service number at 888-221-1161. 

Contact us if you have any questions pertaining to your Later Gator payment.