ALL items MUST be in excellent condition!  Sellers for our Women's Sale will be limited to 40 hanging items & 10 pairs of shoes - be very selective in what you bring!  There is no limit for jewelry/accessories & home décor (these items will still be inspected prior to being placed on the selling floor and pulled if there are items that do not meet the guidelines for our sale!)  Only bring the BEST of your BEST!   

  • CLOTHES MUST BE  freshly laundered, free from stains, odors, wrinkles, & damage of any kind (including missing buttons!) 
  • SHIRTS, BLOUSES, DRESSES, & JACKETS need to be hung on adult sized hangers with the hanger facing left, so it looks like a question mark when you hang your item.   PLEASE fasten buttons & zippers. 
  • SKINNY STRAPS? Please use a hanger with "notches" to hold your item in place (tank tops, dresses, etc.)
  • PANTS & SKIRTS must be hung by the waistband on pant hangers with clips (no safety pins on these, please).  Please do not fold pants in half on the hangers!
  • SETS OF CLOTHING being sold together can be on multiple hangers.  PLEASE, secure your hangers together with rubber bands or zip ties. 
  • ACCESSORIES like scarves, belts & hats will be displayed on hooks, tables or in baskets.  They should not come on hangers.

We WILL have fitting rooms available for women's items, so it is important that women's clothing is not secured with safety pins or zip ties.

  • SHOES must be free of any damage on the tops/sides (visible parts to all) and have minimal wear on the bottom, (and no odors!!!).  Do not attach shoes together (so they may be tried on). Wipe off any dirt on the shoes. Tags should be attached to the shoes in the following ways:
    • If shoes have a zipper, loop a zip tie or piece of ribbon through the hole at the end of the zipper, punch a hole at the top or your tag & tie. 
    • Loop a zip tie or ribbon through the top of sandals, hole punch the top of the tag & tie.
    • If you do not have a place to secure a tag with a zip tie or ribbon...roll a piece of packing tape, attach to the back of your tag & place the tag inside the shoe, then place another piece of packing tape to the TOP of the price tag once inside your shoe.  Please do not use packing tape on the bottom or sides of shoes as it most likely will not stick to the bottom & could cause damage to the outside of your shoe.  
    • EARRINGS - attach your earrings directly through the card stock price tag.  Add tape to the back of the cardstock to further secure your earrings.  
    • NECKLACES & OTHER JEWELRY - attach your card stock price tag using a piece of ribbon/string (hole punch through your card stock).  You can also attach your necklaces to a piece of cardboard and tape to the back to secure. 


card stock.png

All of the instructions for how to enter information on our online tagging system can be found using this link.  PLEASE NOTE:  This is the same system we use for our kids sale.  The steps will all be the same for the women's & kids sale (the sizing chart & the pricing chart for the kids sale on the link above DOES NOT apply to the women's sale!  You MAY use S/M/L etc. for sizing for the Women's Sale.  ALL PRICE TAGS MUST BE PRINTED ON CARD STOCK!! 

As you enter prices in the online system, you get to decide on your price...if your item(s) will be included in our half price sale on the last day (we DO encourage this!).... & if you would like to donate your unsold items to our designated charity at the end of the sale.  You can choose to have all of your items discounted & donated or just certain ones!  The choice is YOURS!!!!


  • PRICE TO SELL!!!  Keep your emotions out of your pricing.  Consider what you would pay for that item at an event like this!  
  • PRICING GUIDELINES:  Price clothing 25% of retail pricing.  If you have an item that is new with tags, you could price it up to 50% of retail pricing.  Do you have high value items?  Include the original price in your description on your tag!
  • INCLUDE YOUR ITEMS IN OUR HALF PRICE SALE: Sellers who are willing to sell items at 1/2 price on our last day sell more.  When you sell make more $$$.   


  • Print at home on card stock.  White, pastel or some bright card stock is accepted.  Please do not print on darker card stock (red, blue, purple, etc.) or on "shimmery" (scrapbook) paper, as our scanners have trouble reading the bar codes on those types of paper.  Be sure the barcode appears crisp & clear.   You may also save your tags as a PDF file & send to a local print shop.  They will print & cut your tags for you for a reasonable price! 


 Image used with permission from Green Jeans Consignment.  Follow these guidelines for tagging gun & safety pin placement.

Image used with permission from Green Jeans Consignment.  Follow these guidelines for tagging gun & safety pin placement.

  • Tags may be attached using a tagging gun or safety pins.  Please refer to the image for proper placement of your tag. 
  • Improper placement of your tag could cause damage to your item & cause it to be rejected at drop off. 
  • If your item has a tag - place your tagging gun or safety pin through the tag.  If it does not, pin or tag through a seam.  Consider where you would find a tag on clothing at a department store.  You would not find it through the middle of the fabric...but in a seam, often in the armpit or the end of the sleeve on tops or through the waistband on pants.
  • Tagging supplies (card stock, tagging guns, safety pins, etc.) can be purchased at most stores.  You can find links to some of our favorite tagging supplies by using this link & going to the bottom of the page!