If you are already registered as a seller, you will use your seller log-in information and it will take you to our volunteer schedule. 

If you are a non-selling volunteer, you may sign up by using the link posted below - and then going to the bottom of the screen and follow the link for "Need To Register As A Worker?".

VOLUNTEER REWARDS - All sellers receive 60% of their sales.  Sellers who volunteer, earn MORE! Plus…the more you volunteer, the earlier you shop!!

NOTE!!!! Non-consigning volunteers earn early shopping passes as long as their volunteer shift/shifts take place PRIOR to the presale event.



Sign up to volunteer for the sale HERE

VOLUNTEER APPRECIATION On top of all the other great volunteer benefits,  following our sale we will be giving away some great gifts for our Great Gator Volunteers!  You can win gifts like gift cards to area stores, vouchers for free consignor registration, Later Gator Gift Certificates and more!

I DON’T HAVE ANYTHING TO SELL BUT STILL WANT TO SHOP EARLY - We are happy to have non-selling volunteers join our team! You will enjoy the same access to the pre-sale & half price sale as our selling volunteers based on the number of volunteer hours.

DO NON-SELLING VOLUNTEERS GET ANYTHING IN RETURN - Non-selling volunteers may earn early shopping passes for our seller/volunteer presales. In order for non-selling volunteers to earn these early shopping times, your work shift MUST be fulfilled prior to the presale.

WHAT DO VOLUNTEERS DO?  There are all kinds of tasks for every type of volunteer!  Some tasks may include: setting up and prepping the selling floor, safety and quality inspections, assisting and checking out shoppers, collecting entrance fees, breaking down racks, sorting items for charity donation, and much more!  NOTE: We will have some jobs that require heavy lifting.  Not available to help during our sale dates?  Contact us for other volunteer opportunities!!! 

WHAT HOURS DO VOLUNTEERS WORK? You can view our volunteer schedule here! (NOTE: Volunteer schedules are not posted until about 4-6 weeks prior to each event. First preference for volunteer shifts is given to our sellers before it is available to our non-selling volunteers).

CAN I VOLUNTEER IF I AM PREGNANT OR HAVE A MEDICAL CONDITION? There are multiple jobs available, however safety is our primary concern. Please contact us for further information regarding volunteering with the Later Gator Kids Consignment Sales event so that we can work with you to find a volunteer position best suited to your needs.

ARE MY CHILDREN ALLOWED TO JOIN ME DURING MY VOLUNTEER SHIFT?  Later Gator Kids Consignment Sales volunteers are an important part of our sale and we will need your full attention on your duties during your volunteer shift.  There will be times when the sales floor will be very busy.  Due to safety/insurance reasons children, including infants, even if worn by baby carrier, are not permitted to be with you during your volunteer shift.  If you are a nursing mom and need a break to pump or have someone bring your infant to you for nursing, let us know ahead of time. We will work out times for a break/breaks for you to do this. (Note: We do not have the ability to keep milk refrigerated for you!)

  • If your child is 16 years of age or older, you may have them work in your place. Please CONTACT US and let us know they will be working in your place. Be sure and tell us their name along with the date/time of your shift.

  • If your 16 + year old is working the SAME time as you (which would count as 2 volunteer shifts and bumps you to the next level of earning!), be sure you sign your 16 + year old up as a non-consigning volunteer, then CONTACT US with their name so we can be sure your receive proper consignor-volunteer credit!

CAN MY SPOUSE/SIGNIFICANT OTHER VOLUNTEER?   YES!  We have several jobs that require heavy lifting that would be great for our male volunteers!  Your spouse/significant other may work in your place.  You may also sign up for two shifts at the same time...if you and your spouse work the same shift, this would count as 2 volunteer shifts, which bumps you up to the next level of earning.  You may also sign up for multiple shifts at different times, and split the time with your spouse...you work one shift, he works the next one.  

  • If your spouse/significant other is working in your place, please CONTACT US with their name, date/time of the shift.

  • If you are signing your spouse/significant other to work WITH you, CONTACT US and we will assist getting them added to the work shift with you.

CAN I SHOP AND VOLUNTEER AT THE SAME TIME?   Out of fairness for all volunteers, there will be NO HOLDS on items during consignor check-in and as items are placed on the sales floor.  The first opportunity for volunteers to shop will be during the designated volunteer pre-sale times (based on the number of shifts you are working).  However, during the sale, we understand if you happen to see an item that you missed during the pre-sale.  You may bring it to a designated holding area and purchase after your shift has ended.  We do make exceptions to this in the hours that approach discounted shopping times.

Like Later Gator Kids Consignment Sales on Facebook to get all our latest updates!

Like Later Gator Kids Consignment Sales on Facebook to get all our latest updates!