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Our Gator Taggers Tagging Service IS NOW OPEN!!! 

Use the form below to get more information about Gator Taggers Tagging Service.  Limited space available!! 

DON'T DELAY!!  Deadline for Sale Registration is August 21*  -  delivery of your items to your tagger must take place by September 4.  *Tagging service may close sooner if all Tagging spots are full! 

NOTE: The form below is for information about hiring one of our Gator Taggers to tag your items for you.  If you have other questions about our sale (shopping, pricing your own items, being a business sponsor or vendor, etc.) use the form on the CONTACT US page to connect directly to the sale owners! 

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SELLERS WHO USE OUR TAGGING SERVICE...receive a shopping pass to enter our pre-sale!  

SELLERS WHO USE OUR TAGGING SERVICE...receive 40% - 55% back on your sold items!  You can earn more by volunteering at our event!  (All sellers get shop our pre-sale early...but our volunteers shop the earliest!!!!)

New to our sale?  REGISTER as a new seller.  Once you have registered, use the contact form above and we will get you set up with one of our Gator Taggers. 

If you have consigned with us in the past, simply REGISTER with your previous consignor number.  Once that is done, CONTACT US and we will get you set up with one of our Gator Taggers.  

Don't procrastinate!  Our Gator Taggers have limited availability!

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NEW FEE AS OF JUNE 2017:   Due to time lost sorting & inspecting items that do not follow our quality requirements,  we have had to implement a policy to address these concerns.   We will allow every seller 15 "grace items".   After 15 items we will charge a $0.25, per item fee for unacceptable items that we receive. This will be deducted from your seller check.   Please review the guidelines for selling.    We apologize for having to implement this policy but due to the limited amount of time to prep the selling floor we find that it has become necessary. 

Gator Taggers Tagging Service - Fall 2017 Tagger-Seller Agreement

NOTE: PLEASE EMAIL US at latergatortaggers@gmail.com for a printable form.  


  • $15 Seller registration fee (paid to Later Gator Sales during online registration as a seller).

  • $20 exact cash supply fee provided to Tagger at drop off (this covers the first 100 items)

ADDITIONAL FEES - deducted from Seller check & paid to the Tagger.

  • $1 per 10 items after 100 (example: if you have 200 items, you will pay an additional $10).

  • $2 Battery Fee:  Items missing working batteries will be charged $2 per battery

  • $0.25 per item for items brought to taggers that are unacceptable:  stains, holes, odors, missing parts.  Charges start after 15 unacceptable items.   


Please initial next to each item, indicating you have read and completed each item.  Bring this form, along with your CASH payment to your Tagger when you drop off your items.

_____ As a tagging seller, I will earn 40% back on my sold items.  I can earn up to 55% back if I volunteer at the Later Gator Sale. (My Tagger will earn 20%.)

_____ I understand that Gator Taggers will price & tag my consigned items at their discretion.  I understand that my Tagger has my best interest in mind as they price items to sell.

_____ All items are free from tears/holes, stains, extreme wear/fading, thoroughly cleaned. Clothing has been recently laundered & is neatly folded.  

_____ All pieces of games, parts of toys and toy sets are accounted for and placed together in zip style bags.  

_____ All items are packed in bins/boxes/lids clearly labeled with my first & last name.

_____ My Tagger may not be able to accept large items such as cribs & other furniture, large outdoor toys, etc.  I can still sell these items by sharing information about them with my Tagger.  

_____ Unless otherwise specified, all items will be automatically discounted for the half-price sale.  It is my responsibility to separate any items that I do NOT want discounted.  

_____ I understand that the tagging service will drop off my items to the sale.  I am responsible to pick up my unsold items during the designated seller pick up times.  Items that are not picked up during these times will be donated.

_____ I understand that I can designate select items to donate after the sale if unsold. I will clearly mark these for my Tagger. I understand I am not required to donate my items.

_____ I understand that Later Gator Sales & Gator Taggers Tagging Service will do their best to safeguard my items.  However, I agree that I will not hold them responsible for lost, damaged or stolen items.  

_____ I agree to pay the $20 supply fee with EXACT CASH to my Tagger when I drop off my items.  These fees cover costs for the first 100 tagged items.  (Note: your Tagger may combine items in an effort to make them more “sellable”. Example: Pairing a shirt/pants to make a set.  In this instance, those two individual items will count as one item.)

_____ As a seller, I will receive a shopping pass for the pre-sale.  If I volunteer at the sale I can shop even earlier (& earn more $$ on my sold items!!)                                                                                                                                             

Don't procrastinate!  Our Gator Taggers have limited availability!